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StreamaClean – Window, Fascia and Conservatory Cleaner


StreamaClean – Window, Fascia and Conservatory Cleaner


StreamaClean Conservatory Cleaning Equipment – Including windows and frames, facia, soffit boards and solar panels

Multi Functional System ideal for:

  • Conservatories framework and glass
  • Underside of gutters
  • Soffit boards
  • Windows
  • Window frames
  • Solar panels

Our carbon fibre pole systems have an in-line chemical mixer to help break up traffic film or green algae

The High Access System Includes: 


  1. High grade telescopic carbon fibre pole
  2. Radius brush For all surfaces
  3. In-line chemical mixer
  4. 50 metres of microbore feed hose on reel
  5. Holster

How Does It Work?
Simply connect the hose to a tap and extend the water fed pole up to your required height. As the water enters the detergent chamber, it mixes the correct consistency of water with detergent and transports up to the cleaning head. This easily breaks down algae and dirt without the need for dangerous ladders.

Can I clean windows with SkyVac Reach Access System?
Yes, by selecting a package with a Stream a Clean Pure Water Trolley and a Window Cleaning Brush, you can achieve a crystal clear finish.

Why Pure Water?
The mineral free water provides a spot/streak free, crystal clear finish. There is no need to dry the windows as the pure water evaporates leaving a crystal clear finish on glass – therefore reducing downtime.

How does the Pure Water Trolley work?
The Stream a Clean Pure Water Trolley produces pure water for you straight from a tap. Simply plug Stream a Clean Pure Water Trolley into a tap. The water then enters a resin chamber which cleans the water of all its impurities to produce pure water at the exit.

How high can you clean with Stream a Clean?
You can clean up to 30ft, 3 storeys high with the Telescopic Water Fed Poles, depending on your selected package. Carbon Fibre is extremely lightweight and very robust helping the pole clean at heights with great ease and precision.

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